Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

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Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

A Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine is a type of industrial machinery used to manufacture paper plates using hydraulic pressure. This machine features a single set of dies or molds for shaping the paper sheets into the desired plate form. Here's an overview of its components and functions:

1. Hydraulic System: Similar to the double die version, a single die paper plate machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides the necessary force to press the paper sheets into the shape of paper plates. Hydraulic cylinders are used to apply pressure to the paper sheets and create the plate shape.

2. Single Die Configuration: Unlike the double die machine, the single die machine has only one set of dies or molds. This means that it can produce one paper plate in each cycle.

3. Paper Feeding Mechanism: Just like in the double die version, a single die paper plate machine also includes a mechanism for feeding pre-cut paper sheets into the pressing area. These sheets are typically circular or oval in shape.

4. Heating Elements: Some single die machines might incorporate heating elements to help set the shape of the paper plates during the pressing process. The heat aids in achieving a smoother finish and better molding.

5. Control Panel: A control panel is usually present to allow the operator to adjust settings such as pressure, temperature (if applicable), and cycle times. This control ensures the machine operates efficiently and consistently.

6. Safety Features: Safety features are essential in these machines as well. Emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors might be included to prevent accidents and injuries during operation.

7. Output Conveyor: After the paper plates are formed, they are carried away from the machine on an output conveyor, making it easy to collect the finished plates.

8. Maintenance and Operation: Just like with any industrial machinery, proper maintenance and operator training are crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of the machine and the production of high-quality paper plates.

A hydraulic single die paper plate machine is often used by businesses that require a moderate quantity of disposable paper plates, such as small catering services, local events, and small-scale food packaging companies. While it might not be as efficient as a double die machine in terms of production speed, it can still be a valuable asset for businesses with lower production demands.

When considering the purchase of a single die paper plate machine, factors such as capacity, production speed, plate size and design options, quality of output, and maintenance requirements should be taken into account to ensure it meets the specific needs of the business.

Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

Rs 75,000 / UnitGet Latest Price

Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Material Mild Steel
Max Plate Size Up to 12 inch
Capacity 35 Pieces/Hour
Paper Material Aluminium Foil Paper
Frequency 50Hz
Power Source Electric
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 240V
Electric Motor 2.5 hp
Phase Single
Number Of Dies 1
Country of Origin Made in India

Hydraulic Single Die Paper Plate Machine

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